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Can you imagine sitting down for a nice family photo in your new home only to look at the photo and see an unexplained image of a man hanging upside down behind you? Well, that is exactly what happened to this family. The photo is as old as it looks. The family claimed that there was really no one there that they could see. The unexplained and creepy image in this photo alone would surely make me want to move out of that house. Was this just a hoax, or was it really a ghost? We will never know but this is just one of 5 strange and unexplained photos that are talked about in a video that I found on youtube. Here's the video. And if that doesn't creep you out enough, you can watch more top 5 videos that are sure to have you thouroghly creeped out.
you can see the lines from the photo it was taken out of. lmao.
AAAAAAH! Whatever is going on, it's terrifying!
@MelissaMae I'm going through all your cards and that's a lot of posts on narcissistic abuse. :3 What's up with you? :v
That was very very VERY creepy.
SO creepy!!! Just in time for Halloween... *shivers*
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