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Halloween playlist!
(First big thank you to @MattK95 for tagging me! ) 1.SHINEE MARRIED TO THE MUSIC Is it just me or does it have a Michael Jackson feel to it?
BIG BANG MONSTER The outfits in this video is on point honestly
VIXX HYDE AND VOODOO DOLL I looovee these songs!!
BLOCK B JACKPOT Clowns are involved and who isn't haunted by terrifying clowns???
SPEED DON'T TEASE ME I've included both the mv and the dance version because I'm not fond of the mv, but the dancing though is awesome Circus theme anyone? ♥
I hope you enjoyed!! And Happy Halloween!!!
Love it, great list!!! The dance practice for SPEED's "Don't Tease Me" is one of the coolest things ever :)
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I just loooove how there's a kpop song FOR EVERYTHING!!!😅😄👏🏼👏🏼
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