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Gods damn this anime. GODS DAMN THIS ANIME! All the feels, all the dang feels! I'm not even finished with it and its making me cry. WHY??? I was told it was beautiful, it was one of the best that came out of 2014. I wasn't told about the dang feels! So I am now going to be a masochist and binge watch the rest of this beautiful torture to my soul. annotation: by the way, for those who want to join in the feels fest, this anime is Your lie in April, also known as Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso
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Same ^_^
I love this anime it made it to my top 5
Okay thanks @msfancysunshine I'm watch it then..man I see it's deep it's probably going hit me then too lol
One of the most feels ever. This anime made me cry so much
this is by far my favorite.