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Character Quiz?
Can you name all 11 characters and the anime their from by memory? No looking at the comments or searching them up that's cheating :p lol I didnt make it hard, well i think i didnt haha
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is it? I don't remember
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yea @RyanBates is right! its about humans with demon weapons vs vampires basically its cool @BlackoutZJ
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sounds legit I'll check it out later
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1.Black bullet 2.Blue exorcist 3.Sword art online 4.Code geass 5.Nisekoi 6.Owari no seraph I don't know their names very well. 4.lelouch and ??? 2.Rin That's all.馃槼馃槼
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Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul Natsu Fairy Tail Kirito Sword Art Online Goku Dragon ball Z Yato Noragami Aokiji One piece Eren Attack on titan Itachi Naruto Shinji Bleach Rias Highschool Dxd Ikki Air gear Tsukune Rosario Vampire Miu from Kenchi
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