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OK so today guys I went to the state fair with my family. Sorry for being gone all day but I think it was something I needed. But I have to say I did miss you guys!! I hope you all had a great Saturday still. Here are some of my cards that you can check out if you haven't already :)

Best Kpop Body Rolls

Basically honoring the kpop stars with the best body rolls -->LINK<--

5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Korea

Check out this card to find out some of the awesome benefits of living in Korea!! -->LINK<--

{BTS Fanfiction} "Sweet Dreams" CH.1 and CH.2

This is my current fanfiction I've been writing. Check it out if ur interested!! -->LINK TO CH.1<-- -->LINK TO CH.2<--

V Overdose!!!

If ur in the mood for some tongue this is the card for you ;) -->LINK<--

D.O. and Baekhyun Duet?!!?

These two angels and their wonderful voices have their very own duet called What Is Love? Check it out and try not to cry!! -->LINK<--

I love u my Vingle fam!!!!❀❀❀ See u tomorrow!!

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@LeighHolgate North Carolina @drummergirl691 @felicityautumn Thanks for understanding :)
oh okay cool! :)
Love you! #CampSquad wouldnt be the same without youβ™‘β™₯
awwww thanks I love ur cards πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
Going to read that fanficcccsss