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For most people at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1) The Excited/Hyped Stage

I mean, just look at the little 草莓 smiling up at the rollercoaster. And then you see J-Hope.

2. Still Excited/Hyped but Starting to Get Queasy

The 草莓 looks like he's going to throw up while the #SwagMasta is smiling. Smiling

3. Two Parts

草莓:You'll be the smiling 狗屎 you are while you are going really fast up a hill. *slides to next picture* OR J-Hope:You'll be a big 宝贝 screaming your head off before you even go down the hill. Or you can be both

4. This is Your Face as You Speed Down and Back Up Another Hill

Let's just stop for a second and appreciate J-Hope's beautiful face of terror before proceeding to the next stage XD


5. Also Two Parts

草莓:You are trying to catch your breath as you pull into the loading station and your friend is still hype and has a derp face. *switches to next picture* OR J-Hope:You are still terrified on the inside but you put on a happy face to lie to your friends. That is a legit smiley face, yo! Or once again, you can be both


草莓 Pīn Yīn : cǎo méi English : Strawberry 狗屎 Pīn Yīn : gǒu shǐ English : Shit
Have a wonderful day and keep smiling^^
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I am always suga I love roller coasters