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It is now believed that possibly 16% of the world population have narcissistic personality disorder but only 1% are ever diagnosed. That means that out of every 100 people you talk to, 16 of them could be pathological narcissists. Most of them go undetected and fit right in with society. In fact, they are usually among the most popular and well liked people you know. This is because the very nature of the narcissist is to display a false self-image to the world so that he will be loved and admired by all. This is because a narcissist has no real sense of self other than how he is perceived by others. A narcissist can manipulate and deceive as though he had been through years of college and training. Even his intimate partners believe that he is truely loving and caring and is also deeply attached. It is not until the victim has become deeply attached to the narcissist that the mask begins to slip off and the nightmare begins. Without going into much detail, let me just say that the narcissist causes severe emotional trauma as well as mental and psychological damge to his victims. But usually, sinse his reputation is so important to him, his abuse is covert, which means that the abuse is not obvious to others. He has such a good reputation that if you even tell his admirers what he is really like and how he treats you, they wont believe you. Even the ones who do believe you cannot understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of narcissistic abuse and manipulation, and the profound damaging affects it has for the victims. They do not understand things such as trauma bonding. And then there are those who just dont care, and that in itself is salt in an open wound. So while you are suffering the affects of the abuse and reacting to that, others are looking at him as though he is a great guy who wouldnt hurt anyone and seeing you as a crazy person whom he innocently got involved with and is being viciously attacked for no reason. This is even further traumatizing. After all is said and done, the victim could be left with brain damage, or a form of PTSD. Yes, narcissistic abuse can cause these things. I always thought that brain damage could only be caused by an injury to the brain. Or that PTSD was only something that war veterans got. But i have recently learned that that is not always the case. You will not know that you have allowed a narcissist to get inside you until the damge is done. A pathological narcissist will not change. There is no medication, therapy or amount of love or anything you can do to reach them. They can be male or female. They are very deceptive when they want to be, even causing you to believe that things are getting better and there is something worth holding onto. In reality, they are just setting you up for more heartache and pain because they are not done feeding off you yet. They do not change. They do not admit fault. They do not feel empathy or remorce or have any conscience toward the things they do and the people they hurt. You should learn about them now and how to spot and avoid them.
I wonder what happens when you do get diagnose
your told that you need therapy and you would have to find a therapist that will deal with narcissists which is hard to do because they have a reputation for manipulating the therapist and not cooperating so the therapist doesnt want to deal with them and the narc doesnt want to change anyway. they only go to therapy for a short time and then they dont want any part of it. they continue to be the same and die that way. they dont change. theres no effective way to treat npd if it is pathological. its just a lost cause.