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ASDDFHJKL! Sorry to bother you guys, but hey! Sara's back again with someee really important news! Really, really, really big news.
So, since when I started listening to KPop (aka, this wonderful summer), I have shown my family the wonders of it. So then, these were their reactions: Mom- Mehh, I don't really care. Yes, you can put all that music in your speakers. It doesn't matter, bring some light to the house. (it has stayed like that since) Dad- Eww no. I don't Like Korean Trash. And those guys look like girls. Soon, it turned to: Sara, are you sure they are guys?! What do you mean he's 28 he looks 19!? 6yr old younger sister: Eww, what is that?! They look like girls! to: Who's that? The one with red hair? He's cute. (Jimin from BTS in Dope Photoshoot) To: Can you put the song where the girls sing? Its cool! (IAMTHEBEST by 2NE1) To: Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod put more BigBang and 2Ne1!


You know, i would like to know that too! OK, im gonna be honest, I personally have no figgin idea how the heck this happened, all I know Is that there is a mini Tazmanian Devil roaming around the house singing ComeBackHome by 2NE1, humming Sober by BigBang all around the house. Not only that, but teasing me and telling me that all my biases are her husbands -she can legit name more than 10! She makes fanarts of "her marrying Top", "having a pool party with all GOT7", and so many more that I don't even want to know of-, Good thing is, shes reeeaaally into GDragon -but at the same time, who wouldn't be?- and my pretty Jirongie, aka Jr. from GOT7.
ANYHOW.... I DECIDED TO DO A SMALL EXEPRIMENT -just for the fun of it- AND SHOW MY SISTER KPOP MUSIC VIDEOS! -appropriate ones for her age, don't worry- SOO....



I think you all need to know is that she was smiling legit the whole time. When she saw all the group start to dance, she went like: "awww! They are so tiny!". -Now for a 6yr old, can you imagine how squeaky she sounded? Yeah. Very. So,- I simply answered: "Yeah, like you." It has been 3 hours since she made that remark, I still think she's mad. She kept on asking me if they were trying to make the little girl happy, and I kept answering yes, and explaining to her how she thought she was ugly etc. When if came to the part with BamBam and the cereal , she kinda screamed a little and said : "What?! Is that milk? Doesn't he get wet??" I kept on explaining again, but this time that there was a liquid, but I didn't think tat was milk. It basically went like that -her asking something weird like when it came to the part with Jackson, she'd be like : Is that cheese??- or her exclaiming something. That little monster enjoyed so much she asked me to show it to her again. we ended up watching 6 times total, before i was like: Ok moving on with the rest! She loved it from begging to end. Here, I was kinda confused, yet happy at the same time. -Her biases are the three Js! No really, she likes Jirongie -Whyyy??-, Jackson -ts ts... he's too old for her.- and JB -no comment on that, who doesn't like him?-.......

2. DOPE by BTS

So, supposedly she didn't like this song -I was like: hehe, wut?- but like 3 hours later, I kept hearing her say: chum cha chuda!


So, you know how when BigHit MVs start, they start of with the BigHit Logo and droplet sound right? So, the young, innocent -HaHa No-, little 6 year old, automatically asked: -BigHit, is that the tittle of the song? -No. It isn't, the songs name -name, genious, not tittle, naaaame- is Dope -Ahh, OK. Then, after she kinda recognized the tune, she got so exited cause Kookie came out -Yes, shut up, in my family, the don't know the BTS maknae as Jungkook. They know him as Kookie- and she went like, oh I know this song! -Cause hey, I have no Shame whatsoever on putting up my "Asian Music" on full volume, in my room, with my speakers on- she then went on ranting about how she thought JungKook looks like Harry Potter -oh, another thing about me: I read a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of fiction. Not fanfiction, even thought I have no trouble reading that, but I just love the smell of books, and the feeling of the covers, the smell, and the fantasies..... ahh I could go on and on, but I will probably bore you. Name one good series, and I probably read it. My top 5 series are -Hey, maybe you like reading too, i dont know ¯\(°_o)/¯.- : -Percy Jackson (both Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus) -Shadowhunters series (Infernal Devices, and Mortal Instruments) -The Lord of the Rings (including the Hobbit) -The Maze Runner - The Hunger Games Anyhow, my sister fangirls with me a lot, a lot, about it- so, back to reality, after she realized that in fact it was not Harry Potter, but my dear precious Kookie, she got surprised and kinda shrieked, HES A POLICE OFFICER?!..... Talk about lowkey KPoppers..... After I showed her the names of all the members -Oh, by the way, I have been trying to buy a RapMon sweater, but I have to show my Mom some pictures about him and the sweater. So, most of the pictures I showed her, he was blonde. Just, FYI- she kinda sorta didn't believe me that RapMon was brunette in DOPE. She kept asking me, ARE YOU SURE HES RAPMONSTER?! and, I mean, she was scary. That 6 yr old is terrifying when shes mad. So, I somehow managed to get the words out, Ye-Yes he is. He dy-dyed his hair blonde.... and then she was all like Oh, OK. She had no comment after that.... it was confusing... i have no idea what to think of her and BTS.... P.S. her biases are Chim Chim -dawwwww- and Satan's assistant JungKookie -quiet sobbing in the background-.


Ahhhh, this was hilarious. The first thing she saw, strangely -not- was the dog. So of course she giggled her butt off after she saw the dog and kinda liked the video after that. When the SHINEES BACK kept coming on, she saw all the members and asked Who's SHINee? Is it the one with glasses?. By this point I was laughing at her, so I didnt really see who she meant. After that, she made a remark every KPopper hates to hear: The one with really long hair looks like a girl! Pretty sure it was Teamin who she was talking about. I got kinda mad at her, and well, I told her to be quiet and just watch the video. But of course, she wouldn't listen, so she kept pausing it at Teamins pretty face (the shots when he had reeeally long hair) to show me she was right. As we saw the whole video, she kept asking, Why does the (actual) girl disappear? Why would she drop that flower? Why this? and Why that?. You know? That's basically it. I guess she liked the video. Not sure though, cause with this 6yr old, nothing is sure. P.S. Her bias was obviously Teamin on this one.
Haha, hope you guys liked this card! And even if you didnt, this isn't the end. There will be more MV reactions. Maybe not just for my sister, I might do one with friends. Who knows? Maybe I will make a colllection!? What do you guys think? By the way, do you guy think she is a new KPopper? Or should I work harder? . . .

ANYWAY, THERE WILL BE MORE, SO.... . . . . . to be continued......

As I said earlier, I really hoped you guys like my sisters reactions. Thank you for taking your time into reading this! As I have said, my inbox is always open in case anyone needs it! I love you people!


@LexTay327 I get the struggle girl. 😂
@saraortiz2002 Me too! And don't even get me started on Heroes of Olympus!Drove 4 hours to get Son of Neptune autographed😂
@LexTay327 omg, bruh. That series got me through my whole elementary. I looooove it.
Their reactions were so funny and cute! Btw, Percy Jackson is life 😌