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@4m4nd41op3z I saw this on tumblr and was hoping someone would put it here! :D Anyway!: Always Buys Me Lunch: Suga Listens To Me Complain: V Gets Jealous When I Ignore Him: V After Work Drink Buddy: Jin Drunk Texts Me On Weekends: Jimin Always Crashes At My Apartment: RapMon Text Me Every Night: Jin Steals Glances At Me When Not Looking: V Confesses To Me: RapMon
'Get your ass down here. I bought you lunch and Jimin is trying to eat it.' I laughed at the photo, clicking the screen off on my phone. Shuffling the paperwork on my desk and making it look halfway decent. "I'm taking lunch." I called out to my coworker, she was digging into a salad at her desk. "Suga bought you lunch again didn't he?" She stabbed at the bowl. "Your little green monster is showing again." I slid my heels back on, having taken them off hours ago. "You have a guy buying you lunch everyday, of course I'm jealous. Look at me eating leaves while you get real food and with cute guys too." She poked her fork in my direction, all I could do was laugh and promise to get a picture of Jin for her. - "I'm here." Within minutes I made it down to the room where the boys were eating. "Finally. We had to keep Jimin from eating your food, again." Yoongi spoke up, passing me an annoyed look. "So what's SungJi's price for letting you go today?" Jungkook questioned, watching me take a seat between NamJoon and Taehyung. "Take a guess." "Another picture of me?" Jin laughed when I nodded in response. We spent lunch bantering back and forth, Tae stealing half my noodles and NamJoon nearly spilling my drink several times. Jimin and Hobi dancing around the table a few times and Yoongi giving them the most judgmental looks. Jin tried his best to calm them down but it wasn't happening. "Stop ignoring me Emmy." Tae rested his chin on my shoulder when I was arguing with Hobi about who was better at girl group dances. "Emmy." He whined again, blowing at my hair. "Tae!" Knocking him from my shoulder and then tackling him to the floor, everyone was laughing. "Why would I ever ignore my TaeTae?" "Em, your phone is going off." NamJoon's voice had me to scrambling to answer the call. It was quick and I was off the phone within a minute. "Have to go?" I nodded, cleaning up my plates and putting my heels back on "I'll walk you back, give SungJi a heart attack." "Thanks for the food. Yoongi, are you still coming for lunch with my sister?" "Can NamJoon tag along?" I looked to the silver haired boy next to me and he looked shocked at Yoongi's question. "It'll be nice not to feel like a third wheel. See you guys tomorrow then." - "He likes you, Tae I mean." Jin bumped into me, getting my attention. "You saw him too?" I shoved my hands into my back pockets. "He's not so sneaky with the little looks, I usually catch him." "Do you like him?" "Tae is one of my friends, the one who listens to me complain about work and relationships, I couldn't date him. He's like...a brother. You get what I mean right?" I watched Jin walking next to me, he was thinking it over. When we turned the corner into the room filled with desks, I spotted my coworkers head bobbing to music. I jestered for Jin to to follow me and guided him over to our joined desks. Taking my seat in a rather loud manner, SungJi ripped her headphones out. "Em, what have I-" She stopped her rant when Jin waved at her. That expression would well be worth the scolding I'd get later from her.
"Hey princess." Sliding into the booth, I tossed my purse onto the table. "Hey Emmy. I ordered our drinks already." Jin played with the charm on my purse strap. "Where'd you get this?" A waitress arrived a moment later with our tray. "NamJoon gave it to me before I left today. It's cute isn't it?" I watched Jin flip the little charm over in his hand. It had EM engraved over a music sheet. "Bet you a round of drinks that the EM means Emmy Monster." I nearly spit out my drink much to his amusement. "You're full of shit Jin." "Such an ugly mouth on such a pretty girl." He laughed taking a sip of his drink. - "We better get going." I was looking over my phone and the near dozen messages I'd received in the last ten minutes. "Why? What's wrong?" Jin turned back to me, the crowd on the floor below us forgotten. "You've got a bunch of drunken idiots waiting on you at home." Handing over my phone, Jin read through the barely understandable messages. "Does Jimin always text you when he's drunk?" He raised an eyebrow at me, scrolling through the past messages. "I set his phone to only message me when there's a certain app turned on. He doesn't want to accidentally text anyone important." Pulling my purse onto my shoulder, I took back my phone and pushed Jin towards the exit. The late October air rushed around us when we stepped outside. The suddenness causing my cheeks to flush red and my eyes to water. Without having to say anything, Jin pulled me close and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. We walked the few blocks over to my apartment. The café next door was closing, the old man who own it greeted us as we walked by. There was a light shining from my living room and Jin noticed. "Is someone here?" He pointed up at my apartment and when I looked back there was a shadow in the window. "Um..." "You don't have to answer. I'll text you when I get home and let you know just how drunk they all are." Jin gave a weak smile before heading down the street.
"I thought you said you'd stop staying over." I walked into my apartment, kicking off my heels at the door. "I think better here." "My place isn't much better than yours, in fact yours is bigger. You have a full kitchen and three bedrooms." I leaned against the fridge, watching him get two mugs down. "It's still better here. Where are the marshmallows?" "You ate them all, Nammie." His eyes went wide at my statement causing me to snort out a laugh. "I'll get some tomorrow, now finish making the hot chocolate. Its cold outside and I walked here." "You went out with Jin again?" He didn't look at me, to focused on the screaming kettle. "I did but we had to cut our drinking short. Someone left the younger ones unsupervised and Jimin drunk texted me." NamJoon chuckled, handing me a steaming mug. We curled up on the small couch, watching late night dramas. After a while NamJoon moved to my spare bedroom, there was a desk set up in there for him. Sometimes I felt bad for making him sleep on the couch but then I remember he invites himself over. When I remembered my phone, I pulled up the messages blinking. 'You told on us' -Jiminnie 'They're in a fit of giggles but Jimin says he's mad at you' - Princess 'Have you talked to NamJoon?' -Princess 'Never mind. Jimin said he was at your place. Tell him we have practice tomorrow afternoon' -Princess 'What did your sister want me to bring?' -Suga Bear "They really blew your phone up." NamJoon's voice boomed out next to me and I nearly dropped my phone. "Don't scare me like that." Turning, I punched his arm. "Oh no! It's fatal!" Clutching his arm, NamJoon collapsed across my lap. "Oof!" He flopped on my legs "You weigh a ton." I landed another punch to his butt before he rolled to the edge of the couch, balancing most of his body on my knees. "I do not." NamJoon looked heart broken for a second "Come here." Tugging at my shoulder, I flopped between him and the back of the couch. He repositioned himself so that my legs weren't pinned under him anymore, both of our legs now hung over the end of my tiny couch. Blowing at the hair that founds its way to cover my face, NamJoon pulled the strands away. "Tomorrow's a double date, okay?" "Double date?" I questioned him, smiling. "Yeah. Your sister with her boyfriend, Yoongi, and you with yours." He smiled, dimple catching my attention. "Uh huh and who's my boyfriend?" I was grinning, watching him inch closer. "Me." And he kissed me.
Thoughts? That took me way to long to write but I've got a cold and so does my son. Yay being sick. Also if anyone is in Seoul looking for an apartment, that one pictured above is an actual place for rent right now!
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Thank you to the 10 people that liked this. I've been really sick the last few days so the fact that anyone even liked it makes me feel a little better XD I know it wasn't one of my best story times but I tried
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