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Hey guys! Soooo it's me Chibi, it's my first day on Vingle and thought that this was a cool, fun app. This is basically my experience as a cosplayer and just posting up fun pictures. Soooooooooo!!! ~Me and my friends went to Metacon(Anime convention) Honestly, we loved it! It was so much fun and exciting to meet people with the same interests with you!! I recommend going to a convention(Any kind of Convention) , have fun with friends, meet new friends, trust me you'll have fun 3 I cosplayed as Touka From Tokyo ghoul, my friend has cosplayed as Sen from Tokyo ghoul as well and the other have cosplayed as Inori from Guilty Crown. We are all beginning cosplayers and would love it to receive some tips from others 3 ~BYEEEE, Chibi out (β€’~β€’)~
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welcome, we would love to see more of you future cosplay...
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Great pics. πŸ‘πŸΎ can't wait too see more!πŸ˜…
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Love all your cosplays!!
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