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I'm new to Vingle. Pleasure to meet you all. If there is any information I must know please let me know
Welcome to the dark side. we have milk and cookies
Welcome !!Yeah it's pretty simple on how to upload a card which you seem to have already done 馃槅馃槅if you want to uploaded a gif you can only do it by computer (took me a while to figure that out that's why I'm saying 馃槀) and yeah we're all nice here ,all I can say is it's pretty lax here you can post whatever but be warned if you make rude comments that are uncalled for or post something a little to extreme you could get reported but over all I'd just say have fun it's always great to post,comment and like other people's post and comments馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槅馃槅馃槅have fun!!!!@Someonespecial
Everyone is constantly high and a weeaboo.
Welcome and have fun. this is a great community
wasssuuuuppppp! im new too so i still havent figured everything out, but everyone does seem to be pretty darn nice and involved
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