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My Korean food fix
I begged my sister and brother to have dinner at a family-owned Korean restaurant on-campus after a long day of work and they agreed!! The food was phenomenal and looked amazing! It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I've tried some Korean food before but never at a restaurant, and this experience was pretty legit, the food was authentic and enjoyable. The first picture is Haemul Dolsot Bibimbap ( aka seafood perfection), the second is a heavenly ddeokbokki plate which wasn't as spicy as I hoped but tasted good nonetheless, and the third is bulgogi!! Mouthwatering goodies is all I can say. If you haven't tried Korean food before I strongly encourage you to find the nearest Korean restaurant and dig in!
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ooooh, that bulgogi looks amazing... *.*
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@alwaysdream It tasted amazing too :D
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