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As some may know, has been blocking the videos of smaller kpop companies. This list of company channels includes WOOLLIM ENTERTAINMENT, BTS JAPANESE OFFICIAL, 2PM JAPAN OFFICIAL and J.TUNE CAMPS as well. It's devestating especially to the fans. Unfortunately, MVs for other groups have also become blocked! (Mad Clown, INFINITE, Lovelyz, MBLAQ and the Japanese versions to both BTS' and 2PM's widens as well) [EDITED: CURRENTLY ANY WOOLLIM VIDEO IS NO LONGER BLOCKED AND IS AVAILABLE TO BE VIEWED IN THE U.S.A. BY ONLY A FEW SUBSCRIBERS!]
Sadly no one knows if this is just a mistake made by youtube or if this is being done purposely. Hopefully however, this does get fixed. I know for one thing that this has happened before where I was unable to watch any of lovelyz videos and that was fixed as well.
there is this "youtube red " thing going on however it's rediculous for you tubers because THEY would have to pay to upload for US. But also, essentially anyone who wants to start a youtube would also likely have to pay a monthly fee of $10. JRE has a pretty spot on rant about the issue. This still doesn't mean that it is not a problem for these companies and their subscribers and their connection with fans!
*I am tagging many other groups because it pertains to them too. Reason being, this could easily happen to other groups as well*
these photos are what I just received as to why some channels' videos are currently blocked!
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@jenxchan I think all YouTube wants is money! I'd rather pay once for using YouTube red rather than pay a fee every month. I honestly don't mind the commercials sometimes, but at least limit the commercials to where it doesn't play at really good parts of shows. That's all I want, other than that, I'm fine. Also I been noticing that KBS World has been preventing some countries from watching KBS World live from the headquarters in Korea to nations like America for one, and probably from other countries as well, like all it offers us is KBS 24 which is nothing but news all day, everyday, like who wants that anyways?!?!?! I sure don't! I don't want to have to upgrade to a better version and pay a fee every month just to watch whatever I want, id rather just pay once and upgrade so that way I won't ever have to pay for it again, you know?
@MaggieHolm I'm sure none of us really want that lol. I do understand actually. everytime I open my youtube app the first thing that comes up is "sign up for YTR" or "2 week free trial of YTR" like Ughh no thank you!
@jenxchan ikr!!!!!! So annoying!!!! I just wish they didn't have to get in our faces about it! That's it! I'm just happy with what I have right now!
@MaggieHolm they should have just made it completely optional
@jenxchan uhh YES!