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I'm kind of new here, so I thought i would make a card to introduce myself. My name is Jessica, but I go by Jezzi. I'm on all kinds of social media and my username is almost always @jezzicrypt I'm 20 years old, I live in Florida and I'm really excited to make some friends here and talk about literally anything. I joined Vingle because it seems like there are people from everywhere on here and there are huge communities dedicated to things like learning different languages and culture, which I am very interested in (mainly Korean and Japanese). But there are also so many other groups on here and everyone seems so friendly. So honestly if anyone wants to talk to me feel free to send a message! :) and if you think I would like a post tag me in it please! I'm looking go forward to meeting and interacting with all of you!! :D
As for the getting to know me part, I thought I should add a few pictures of some things I love! 1. Dying my hair different colors 2. My puppy, Russell 3. My mom and my sister (Crystal) 4. My best friend (Chavely) 5. The first concert I ever went to (Fall Out Boy Monumentour!) 6. Going to Universal Orlando 7. The fact that Mark made that face 8-10. Some of my favorite animes *Bonus friend points if you know what group Mark is from and the three animes*
Got7 Soul Eater x2 Blue Exorcist XD ANYWAY WELCOME TO VINGLE My inbox is always open if you ever need anything!
Hi, thank you :) and I definitely am so far! @jazziejazz
Hello welcome... You are going to love vingle...
Aww that is sad 😔 but I'm glad you had the chance to meet them
@JezziCrypt Actually Jackson wasn't there which was really sad😭😭😭 But they were still amazing 😱
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