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(Credit to owner for photo) So, we all know that YouTube Red has been attacking all of us by blocking our babies... BUT!!!! Someone was smart to announce about downloading VPN where it allows you to see blocked sites and let me tell you now that it WORKS!!! I'm able to get my life back together again ^_^ I'm watching all of the LUNAFLY covers again and I've never felt so happy in my life!!!!! So get going guys and download VPN to watch your babies ^_^
Well, or you could wait for the companys to sign to Youtube RED. It's already happened with Woolliment. A few hours ago I couldn't watch any of thier videos, but now I am able to. So, just be patient and see it works out, don't go out by downloading a bunch of software. ~
@Musicislife1436 No problem ^_^ thought y'all needed this and @christianliu I'm using an iPad so I downloaded it from the App Store
No problem ^_^ @shantalcamara Right? @notgucci3 XD @ArmyofKookie I think they all will have to agree to it if they like it or not. What's the point of filming something and not be able to show it? I mean, we still have V Broadcasting but it's not the same as YouTube
That's awesome thanks for finding and sharing your find with us.
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