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Name off the best anime couples and I will probably agree with almost all of you. I love the romance in anime and manga bc it's so true and pure and through so much hardships and strong bonds forged it perseveres always! Alright challenge people let's name the cutest and sexiest couples out there or who you want to be a couple!! If only I could live in the anime world!! I wanna be an anime character, and a main one:)!!!!
@LuffyNewman @MajahnNelson I just started watching golden time
@LuffyNewman glad you liked it
@MajahnNelson finished it n loved it all. It really ends completely different that you'd think. But yeah it keeps getting better than worse.'I even teared up at parts at the very end 😢 really good recommend loved it now gave it a 9/10mom internet movie anime list or should say my IMAL app lol. Wish they had like!a point system or outta 100 bc really some parts are kinda normal slice of life but it was perfect length glad they didn't make it like 50 episodes. It overall rate it like 87/100'fo drama romance and seinen and I'd say slice of life genre too even though it doesn't list that. Great tho keep at it tho @OgaTatsumi
spoilers I'm part where his insecure about himself, who he is? Did he have lover? Those questions @MajahnNelson wanting to know who he is but scared that the current him might disappear
@OgaTatsumi nice. what do you think of it so far?
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