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I cant sleep soo I wanted to share something extremely beautiful with you guys.... I randomly found them awhile ago through one of the fitness models I follow on instagram and I have been in love ever since......if you guys have instagram follow them because what you are about to see is only just a mere preview of the beauty that is shown daily lol soo here they are
First is this extremely handsome and extremely adorable guy♡ hes seriously perfect. Hes all about fitness and I think hes a personal trainer......so im definitely going to korea so I can work out with this beautiful face haha


This one.......hes just......ughhhh.......I dont even know how to describe his beauty. he is not only chiseled by the gods but he is the most adorable yet extremely sexy human bean ever ive been following him for a long time now and hes still too much for me. This man is seriously my boyfriend he just doesnt know it yet(definitely dont tell Jiyong about this one haha) seriously hes too perfect for words and hes the death of me everytime I go on instagram. LOOK AT HIM! Seriously look how perfect he is this isnt even legal!
Here are some other beautiful men you should follow♡♥ just a warning following any of these men will kill you its inevitable
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Then he's sleeved.. guys with tattoos, wait scratch that hot Korean guys with tattoos my weakness... I instantly followed him on IG.. You are the best!!! 😀 @Marilovexoxo
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm Yes! im a sucker for hot guys with tattoos♡ haha glad i could share this beauty with you
2 years ago·Reply
you just trying to kill me huh? like man. in the words of my mom "gots to be more careful!"
2 years ago·Reply
@CrystalBlunt haha yes that was my goal lol i couldnt keep these beautiful men to myself
2 years ago·Reply
@Marilovexoxo I am not complaining. keep it coming xD
2 years ago·Reply