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Okay so the third episode is out and I'm starting to get frustrated already. *if you haven't seen it yet just know if you continue there may be spoilers throughout this post.
Okay so if you've been watching you know that han song yi has feelings for ji ahn while yoon tae oh (our lovely minho) thought song yi had feelings for him....this whole triangle formula in dramas irritates me. Becaus one person doesn't tell the truth there are severe complications in character dynamics for AT LEAST 5 episodes...and this time it started in episode 2.
ok now this broad....I forgot her character's name and plus I don't want to see her with tae oh. I'm like that sometimes. if I don't like your character and I have already chosen who I want to be together in the end then you no longer exist and everything you do in the show only worsens your position with me. But yeah....if she really likes tae oh and tae oh starts liking her back then I'll just continually be in an irritated mood watching this show (but maybe the k drama gods will only torture me with this possibility for like 2 episodes instead of the standard 10).
Tae Oh.....bless his heart. he's always getting caught in awkward situations. This is like the umpteenth time he's had to explain that he doesn't 'like' song yi and that they're just 'friends'... ....oh baby you, you got what I neeeed. and you say you just a friend.... *sips tea* im just saying
*sigh* im not gonna lie ji ahn is cute but I'm team minho...uh I mean team tae oh lol. And I'm not pulling favorites...at least I don't think I am. Despite being rejected I kind of think she deserved it because of how brutally she rejected tae oh....possible karma..... ok well those are my thoughts on this week's episode. We'll see what happens next time
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@kpopandkimchi you're welcome lol and I'll do my best to give a good summary
@JelliBelli111 I watch mine on dramafever.com
were do u guys watch ur k dramas I watch mine on neflix but I'm craving more but don't know were to watch them
Honestly, I don't have time to watch this so I'm just going to use your summaries to "watch" it hahaha that way I know what parts to skip to ;) THANK YOU!