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A wise man once said "...". In fact, most all wise men say "...". Then, one day, a wise man decided to explain why wise men always say "...". It was because you don't learn anything when you speak. All your doing is listening to your own voice, and we wonder how you don't tire of it. HOWEVER!!! When you listen... that is when you learn stuff. Luckily, people don't listen to wise men, and so this will be lost to time, and everyone will keep talking, making us wiser.
If you do happen to see this before time makes it rot, please feel free to join the listeners. It's not that hard. In fact, some silent company would be lovely.
Silence is the most beautiful sound if you ask me. People's faces often feel the need to emit sound to fill the air. I like people who can understand that silence carries no stress, no misunderstanding, no drama. It is the easiest thing for me to get along with.
i get it! the wise ones do the listening and the fools do the talking so the ones who should be heard dont get gjeard and the ones who should shut up and listen never do.
except for the case of the narcissist when he is giving his silent treatment. hes not doing it beca tse hes wise. hes doing it because he is an evil,manipulative, abusive asshole with no soul.