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The room's hot. Bodies are rubbing against each other. Some people are screaming, crying, in absolute awe of the amazingly talented group in front of them. As EXO finished their last song on stage, you start getting nervous because you have a backstage pass to see EXO. As you walk backstage with EXO's overall manager Youngjun, he notices that you're nervous and excited so he talks to you to calm your nerves. And that is when you stop right in front of EXO's dressing room door. You take a deep breathe and knock three times and wait for them to tell you to come in and open the door. When you look up, there are 9 angels looking straight at you. And Suho says "Hana, dhul, set." And everyone joins in to say "We are one! Annyeong hasaeyo EXO imnida!" You got to greet every one of them and it seems that you have caught their attention. Especially a certain someone named Chanyeol. You and Chanyeol spend the day together and he gets his manager hyung to drive you to your house because he feels bad leaving you to get a taxi. Chanyeol, being a gentleman, walks you to your front door and suddenly says "Y/N, I really had fun today. You should come to more of our performances and spend time with me." Absolutely speechless all you can do is stare into his beautiful eyes. He puts a piece of paper in your hand and gives you a peck on the cheek. "Goodnight y/n!" With that he turns beet red and runs into manager hyung's van and they drive off. You go into your house and get ready for bed. You're about to turn your light off when you remember the piece of paper. Opening it up and looking at it, you realize it's a number. Entering it into your cellphone, you text to see who it is. "Who is this?" And immediately you get a response. "Y/N, I will see you tonight in my dreams, and you better agree to spend the day with me tomorrow. Or else... ㅋㅋㅋ" With that, you drift off into a wonderful dream. Little did you and Chanyeol know, a photographer followed you guys to your house and got pictures of you and Chanyeol sharing your sweet moment. You will need a goodnight's rest to face the challenges that will come tomorrow. 안녕히 주무세요!