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I know this is late sorry :( been too busy and the internet's really slow haha Thanks @MattK95 for tagging me. While I was listing songs, I realized that there are too many songs that I like and I don't know how I could fit them here. but still, enjoy! ^^ oh and I'm also not sure if this fits in the category but I just listed girl group songs that I like ;)
Miss You - Tiny G
I don't need a man - Miss A
Hi - Lovelyz
Catch me if you can - SNSD
Go away - 2ne1
Shake it - Sistar
Crazy - 4minute
Sugar Free - T-ara
Remember - Apink
Come back home - 2ne1
Red light - fx
Ice cream cake - Red Velvet
Love Alone - Miss A
Pepe - CLC
You think - SNSD
I think this is enough for now. Told you there's a bunch. Hope you like these songs too.