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This is gonna be a series I do a couple of times a week where I talk about villains from anime that I felt were a bit underrated or misjudged or whatever.
The first villain I'm gonna be showcasing is Raditz! If you've seen some of my past cards you know I'm a huge DBZ fan! And Raditz is one of my favorite villains in the whole series. I find him to be underrated and sometimes forgotten when he really deserves more recognition than that.
He was the first villain to appear in the Z series and he was a total badass. He took an attack from Piccolo like it was nothing whom at the time was the powerful threat Goku and friends had fought yet. He was also the one to reveal a lot of Goku's origin. The fact that he's a saiyan and was sent there to kill everyone on Earth! We also find out Raditz is his older brother! This is the first time we see any blood relative of Goku.
We then see the team up we'd never thought would happen. Goku and Piccolo duking it out against a common enemy. But them they get their asses handed to them anyways (x After some good fighting Piccolo ends putting a special beam cannon through both Raditz and Goku who was holding him still. Our main character died in the first few episodes, not many animes can do that, except Yu Yu Hakusho. Lol
Anyways, Raditz was a great villain to start off the series and I think he deserves some more recognition and some more love. I would love to see a new version of him one of the other universes in dragon ball super.
Tell me what you guys thought about this card in the comments! Also tell me some villains you think are underrated and I might feature them in a future card! Thanks for reading! Ja ne
"I broketed it Vegeta... it musta been made of something weak, like paper maché... or Radditz."
I've always thought Radditz was a good addition to the series. I even use him as my team leader on DBZ Dokkan Battle. ^_^
radditz as a super sayian.... dare to dream....
@nberry1620 He really deserves some more love. Lol
Lol (x @Namrow