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The more you know, your views become obstructed. Love Hate Joy Sorrow Everything that ties you to a world so unpredictable, unties itself to a world less seen. My thoughts are clouded, my hands are searching, my heart is racing, my body trembling. Things seem tamed, things seem okay, things are fine and dandy by societal standards. Dreams Thoughts Reality Vision Most complicated thing about them are, you. you you What typical scenario cascades like stars do, when you lay there peering through the curtains placed lightly over the window. A thousand questions lie there hands upon the soul of your very distinct life. Questioning, always questioning the things that made you, the things that shaped you. A lifetime spent doubting yourself because you always made the wrong choice thinking it was okay. Okay Fine Sure Yeah It was all you, it has always been you, the mistake, the lie, the hurtful truth that has made you question yourself. Many years have passed and i still think about a lifetime with you, more than you know. This is more than you know, this is more than you can think of, more than you can ponder, more than, more than you know. I fucked up. Sincerely yours, Sidney Vernon Red Tomahawk