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So....who do you all think the creepiest male character in anime is?

For me, it's gotta be Kyubey!!

I know we aren't really sure if Kyubey is male or female, but to me he's male so I'm going to use him for this list ^^
I can't spoil the show, so it's hard to say WHY he's so creepy, but if you've seen it before, I think you'll understand.
A cute, fluffy cat-alien thing that grants the wishes of young girls. How evil and creepy can Kyubey be? Very, very, very, VERY evil. That's how evil.

I mean, isn't that face just horrifying?

Share what male character you think is creepiest!!!

Either comment or tag me in your card so I can add it to the 13 Days of Halloween Challenge Collection ^^
ichiya from fairy tail
For me it would have to be Undertaker from Black Butler.... If u listen to some of the things he says carefully he is a really creepy guy
That one dude's sister from Deadman wonderland
Definitely agree that Kyubey is really creepy... and I think Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul is extremely creepy!
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