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Today's challenge question is one that's just open to everyone: what anime character do you think would love Halloween the most?

The character doesn't have to be one that has ever talked about/experienced Halloween, just choose the character you think WOULD enjoy Halloween the most if they were to take part in the festivities!!!
Let's discuss in the comments :)
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I think Undertaker. since he is into these kinds of stuff.
Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji cuz he spend most of his time in coffins and his hobby is to remove organs from his "guests" for research....
Grell because he loves dressing up to impress his bassy and he is just goofy and fabulous ❤️❤️
Although, now that I think of it, I can see Natsu enjoying it
i could see naruto and konahamaru having a good time i don't know why though lol
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