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I'm sort of super falling for TWICE. This is not a problem!

I really love their song OohAah하게 so I went looking for some fancams, and the first one I came across was this of them doing a bit of the dance at a mini fanmeeting! I wasn't sure the dance could get cuter but it somehow did when they did it in blankets with a small group of their fans :)
(This was after M!Countdown on October 22, 2015)

I love that MPD releases these "fancams"!

You can actually see how things work when they're recorded with these! This is TWICE doing their opening song Give It To Me Again on M!Countdown on October 22, 2015!

And here's Ooh Aah하게!

I really can't stop listening to this song; it's too good for words!!! I'm never going to be done listening to it, I think.
They actually look just as amazing in real life as they do in their MV and!!!

Is anybody else a fan of TWICE already?!

Who's your bias? What should I watch (I just started Sixteen!)? Tell me more!!!
Twice is so amazing! They definitely did not disappoint with their debut and I expect more amazing things to come!
I've been waiting for them ever since it was announced they were going to debut and they did not disappoint. I love their song and will listen to the whole album when I get some free time but they really are great.
@FueledbyKass let me know when you get a chance to!! I like it but oohaah is my favorite stil
@baileykayleen @Meeshell yayyy I'm glad they are getting a lot of good attention already ^^ it helps that they've been around for a while and are in JYP lol
@FueledbyKass I've only listened to 2 of the songs so far but I like them both a lot!!
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