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I know we've all seen this video by now, but I thought it'd be fun to watch it together and point out our favorite little moments!

My favorite moments:

- every time TOP doesn't give a shit (lol)
- when Taeyang messed up and GD started laughing at him @ 0:35
- @ 1:01 Taeyang steps on GD shoes
- TOP is turning around WAY TOO FAST at @ 2:39
- GD's legs. That is all.

What are your favorite parts?

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haha, the only thing i noticed was t.o.p being too cool to dance. and gd was still getting it with them short shorts on. lol
XD T.O.P is just not caring all over that studio XD
First thing I noticed was them short shorts!! HA! Then I cracked up at TOP's straight out "IDGAF today" attitude. I didn't notice the other stuff but I'm gonna watch it a million times now :D
ok i have watched and watched this and i noticed something else. After Tae messes up and GD laughs a few seconds after Tae looks over at GD and they both start smiling at his mistake. So adorable.
@LateashaChantae YES! I love that part....too cute