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I know we've all seen this video by now, but I thought it'd be fun to watch it together and point out our favorite little moments!

My favorite moments:

- every time TOP doesn't give a shit (lol)
- when Taeyang messed up and GD started laughing at him @ 0:35
- @ 1:01 Taeyang steps on GD shoes
- TOP is turning around WAY TOO FAST at @ 2:39
- GD's legs. That is all.

What are your favorite parts?

haha, the only thing i noticed was t.o.p being too cool to dance. and gd was still getting it with them short shorts on. lol
I love how TOP is like "dance you want me to dance? Ok." TOPs part "lol nope".
ok i have watched and watched this and i noticed something else. After Tae messes up and GD laughs a few seconds after Tae looks over at GD and they both start smiling at his mistake. So adorable.
First thing I noticed was them short shorts!! HA! Then I cracked up at TOP's straight out "IDGAF today" attitude. I didn't notice the other stuff but I'm gonna watch it a million times now :D
XD T.O.P is just not caring all over that studio XD
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