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Not long ago @allischaaff posted a card on how to make a super easy curry, in just 30 minutes. I just loved the recipe and I only wish, I came across a bit earlier, because a few weeks ago I made my first Curry and it took me like 4 or 5 hours to make it + one day haha.
The first thing I did was mix the yogurt, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, cayenne and salt in a large bowl until well combined. I added diced chicken and marinated the chicken for 24 hours.
I combined the cumin and funnel seeds with cinnamon and chilli flakes and some other spices to taste. Later I swirled everything around for about 60 seconds until spices realese a fragrant aroma.
I choped the onion, garlic and ginger, heated the oil and fryed it for about 8 minutes.
Later I added chicken, all the spices, a variation of vegatables, some tomatos and coconut milk. I cooked this for few hours. When it comes to cooking I like to improvise, I don't stick to the recipe so it is hard to tell you exact amounts, if you like cooking you go with your own flow :)
I also made some rice and chapatis (unleavened Indian flatbread) to go with the dish. All you need is some flour, salt and water. That's it. I also added some chilli for the color.
And that's it. I served milk with this, because it was too spicy for my family's taste. But it was great :)
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You are brave to spend all day in the kitchen, turning the house into curry fumes. @rodiziketan I do like the taste of curry, though.
well, I had the day off, and I really wanted to try it. Haha. :) @marshalledgar
Wait, why isn't anyone else freaking out about HOW THIS IS THE BEST CARD EVER. Seriously @rodiziketan, your cooking photos are so awesome!! I really liked how you took us step by step through the recipe. You really did a lot of work for this delicious meal! Making the flatbreads is that extra step that goes a long way to make a dish into a meal :) I'm sure it was amazing, I can only imagine how delicious it tasted... maybe next time you can try my quick curries, but honestly, yours was probably better ;) sometimes it's worth all that hard work!!
oh, thank you so much @allischaaff I try my best with the photos, but sometimes you are in such a hurry, when cooking. This dish took a lot of time, so I had some time in between to document everything haha. I will try your quick curries, because during a week, I can't spent so much time on cooking and I bet it tastes as nice. :)
It doesn't tell you how much of each ingredients to use. Please inform . Thanks