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Do you have friends like that?
This is a great picture in my opinion to show how crazy and sometimes stupid (in a good way lol) our friends can be. I admit, I am like this sometimes and I think it is important to have friends like that? Do you agree?
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LMAO HE ALWAYS DOES THAT. WHY DOES HE ALWAYS DO THAT. @TessStevens, please tell me you used to watch Blues Clues.
LOL. I laughed out loud at this one hahaha. I'm like that with my little sister. Although – sometimes, when it comes to finding something in the fridge, I somehow miss it even though it's right in front of my face. Lol.
@jokes That totally is just like Dora!! I miss Steve from Blues Clues. He was a cool guy.
finding things in fridge, or actually anything in the kitchen is a every day challange for me lol. @allischaaff