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This is a great picture in my opinion to show how crazy and sometimes stupid (in a good way lol) our friends can be. I admit, I am like this sometimes and I think it is important to have friends like that? Do you agree?
That photo kinda reminds me of Dora asking questions to the viewer haha
LMAO HE ALWAYS DOES THAT. WHY DOES HE ALWAYS DO THAT. @TessStevens, please tell me you used to watch Blues Clues.
@jokes That totally is just like Dora!! I miss Steve from Blues Clues. He was a cool guy.
LOL. I laughed out loud at this one hahaha. I'm like that with my little sister. Although – sometimes, when it comes to finding something in the fridge, I somehow miss it even though it's right in front of my face. Lol.
finding things in fridge, or actually anything in the kitchen is a every day challange for me lol. @allischaaff