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From early childhood we all had a tendency to blurt out statements of truth without considering the feelings of others.
For some of us that transistion into adulthood, still have our child like reflexes. To this day we can not fight the tendency to blurt out how we feel about a situation. As adults it gets us into more trouble than it is worth.
I have many stories of my big mouth and how it has gotten me into a bit of a pinch. The first instance that I can remember was when I was about 5 years old.
We had company and our company was morbidly obese. We had a pitbull that loved every person in the world except her.
The woman was complaining to my grandmother saying she didn't know why our dog (Heidi) did not like her and the she never did anything to Heidi to make her dislike her so much.
I then chime into the conversation and loudly say "I think I know why Heidi dosent like you". All eyes are on me. I then blurt out "Maybe it is because you are fat."
With that epic burn. I recieved an epic ass whooping. Goku had nothing on my grandma.
Any one else have a story to share.
"Goku had nothing on my grandma." LMAO Granny Goku sounds like a serious badass.
yass, I had those moments too (and still do sometimes)
sometimes, but no where near as bad as when I was a kid.
lol you dont still do that do you?
word she was a beast. she would hem up inmates at her job.
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