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Maybe you don't find jelly beans fascinating, but if you'd live in Slovenia you would know the steuggle when it comes to these amazingly delicious candy. They are so hard to find that everytime I find them, I feel so lucky and I eat like a whole bag of it, all at once. And the sadest this is - I only came across a mixed flavoured pack, so no sour pack at all, and the sour ones are the best! So I have to eat through a whole bag of doversity including the milky and minty ones, which I don't like at all. But anyways... I still love jelly beans.
(And yes, the sour ones ARE the best.)
Hahaha. I had no idea that jelly beans were of such fascination to you!! :) They're actually like... one of my least favorite candies. Lol. I only eat them around Easter time, because we usually get a handful or so in our Easter baskets. But the packaging on these is hilarious – "American Way"! With the statue of liberty and all lol. The BEST jelly beans brand hands down is Jelly Belly. You should order some online or something!!
how can you not like jelly beans? @allischaaff Haha, I was waiting for someone to comment the packeging. The thing is, advertising american stuff, the amarican way is a normal thing. Oh, and I think I know when I'm coming to US... Easter!