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WHAT IF THE WEB WAS BUILT JUST FOR YOU? Well, with StumbleUpon, it is. This app has everything that interests you from all over the web in one convenient place. It is also beautifully designed. You can find info on any topic that interests you, headline news, politics, psychology, photography, funny and trending stories, quizzes and the list goes on and on. IT'S USER FRIENDLY! You can like something and it will be saved in your list of likes. You can save something for later if you don't have time to look at it right away. You can share what you like anywhere on the internet. You can create your own lists for the things you have found that you want to keep and it is visible to everyone who visits your profile, or you can make a private list that only you can see. You and your friends can follow each other and like each others lists. SAY GOODBYE TO BOREDOM! StumbleUpon will keep you busy for hours stumbling upon new things that you care about or just having fun laughing at the stupid things people do. GET POPULAR NOW! With the things you will discover on stumbleUpon, you will have the most interesting and fun things for others to stumble upon on all the social networks. This could increase your followers and likes. People will be asking you where you are finding this stuff and you can tell them that you just stumbled upon it somewhere. Lol, no but seriously, you should tell them that you found it on SumbleUpon. HOWEVER, I DO NOT RECOMMEND STUMBLEUPON AS A REPLACEMENT FOR VINGLE! Vingle has other benefits that no other social network has, including facebook. Vingle is more social than StumbleUpon. On StumbleUpon, you can't comment or send messages and you can't add your own content. So it certainly is not like Vingle at all. But It is a perfect app for finding all that the internet has to offer all in one convenient place for easy access. And in my opinion, is also better than Buzz Feed because on StumbleUpon the content is collected from all over the internet. Not just what is hand picked by the content administrators, but everything! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD STUMBLEUPON FOR FREE IN YOUR APP STORE TODAY!
I've had issues with Stumbleupon lately :( ...I can't seem to access the site.
Looks like I'm going to be on my phone even more!
I LOVED Stumble Upon. I used to go on all the time in high school to try and find things to look at for reports and what not. I didn't know it still existed! This is awesome. Thank you for reminding me!
i have too but i just thought it was because my data is so low. im sure it will work better next month when i get wifi. or not? idk but i hope so. are you using wifi? @alywoah