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I live like 2 hours drive from Vienna, and we like to to traditional Wiener Schnitzel, which is traditionally made of veal and lard to fry it. Tho, you can also use pork, chicken (my favourite) or turkey and oil to fry it. It will taste just as delicious either way. The escalopes will need to be pounded until the meat is around a 1/4 of an inch thick. Make sure to trim the edges of the meat carefully. Lightly season the escalopes with salt and pepper. You will need three shallow bowls - one for eggs (add a splash of milk as well), one for flour and one for breadcrubs. Be careful to enaure that the entire escalope is completely covered with the breadcrumbs. Place the escalopes in a hot frying pan, the oil in the pan should be deep enough that the schnitzel's float whilst cooking. Cooking time should not be more than 4 minutes for each side. If you want to serve it Viennese style, serve it hot with fresh lemon wedge (to squeeze) and potato salad on the side. Now, I want to know how do you vingler foodies out there prepere your Weiner Schnitzel? What kind of meat do you use? How long do you fry it and in what? Tell me everything! Of course, everyone is invited to comment, but I just have to know your opinions: @alywoah @allischaaff @marshalledgar @MooshieBay @alise @nicolejb @FabiolaGavina @danidee @onesmile @jordanhamilton @LizArnone
a lot of people just call it simply Fried Chicekn haha. Yeah, but it is so goooood :) @alywoah
That's absolutely beautiful! My mother would make this all the time, but we don't call it Weiner Schnitzel. Actually I don't even know what we call it haha. I just eat it. But yes I love this!
@FabiolaGavina I am not a fan of potatos at all, and I love rice. So we could have this dinner together lol.
@rodiziketan I have never heard of these, but they look delicious! I am not a big fan of potato salad, so I would serve them with rice (preferably Mexican since lemon goes well with it) and a garden salad with avocado and lemon. Thanks for the tag! I will try to make it one of these days.
omg this woulds amazingggggggg...of core you tagg me in this when i have nno food in my apt haha
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