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ah! I'm just so excited for starwars ! I was looking thru my cell from this past con and I was so excited to take a picture with darth vader, then he asked me for a kiss that I couldn't resist! it was so cool... then deadpool asked to take a picture with us =) the magic of cons, even when you think people want pictures of you - you can't resist when you see someone you love and run to them.
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@electica too fat? dont let that bring her down, she can cosplay as anything she wants. society's idea of beauty statistics are BS anyways.
@Shemoo how am I bringing her down? lol everyone thinks differently and I dont want her to feel like she can't cosplay so this helped her to feel comfortable.
@electica wo wow wow, i think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. lol.. i didn't say YOU.. lol. what i was trying say is that she shouldn't let that idea bring her down. but the panda is a start, hope that little by little she feels more comfortable and she'll be able to cosplay as anything she wants. 馃榾
@Shemoo yeah probably did =p sorry I get like that about her. but yeah hopefully she does, I just do whatever to make her happy and comfortable.
improving confidence one cosplay at a time. 馃榾 @electica