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so...about the Global Visiting Day event thing...I never got any notification whatsoever about it so I'm guessing I didn't win but there is no one else who posted online whether or not they won...and it's slowly driving me crazy. If I knew they already chosen the 150 ppl who won, I'd like to know so I could let go of my small sliver of hope left before I go insane. I'd really appreciate if the winners could post at least something online so fans like me will stop going crazy about this.
i know how you feel. it's driving me crazy as well and i only filled out the form like a week ago and still got no notice
ikr, I keep forcing myself to think maybe they messed up and just didn't contact everyone yet. honestly, I thought I had a good chance considering most of us have school, don't have passports, or have stubborn parents
I can relate tbh, I check my email everyday, but they probably haven't released the winners
@MichelleIbarra Shouldn't they have tho because the event is on Thursday and they gotta give us some time to sort out our schedules before going. at the same time, I'm hoping they didn't contact the winners yet
@Ashley052498 I guess we'll just have to wait and see then