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Im sure you guys have heard the news right? Youtube is going to be blocking our favorite bands, not only that. They are going to makr us pay to watch their music videos.
But have no fear, because I believe their are alot of us that Love our idols so much that we can make a change. I suggest you go and sign this petition. we only need 14 people to make 200. I think its just American greed trying to take over our freedom to enjoy music from tue otherside of the world.
This is only going to hurt our idols not help them. They are always being recognized for how many views they have on YouTube. If we have to pay, us broke Kpoppers wont be able to watch them. Let let Youtube know we will not stand for this! Sign the petition. Make a change!!!!! Share with your friends.
just need 5 more now
We need only three as I signed it!! Keep it free guys!!!
signed ✌
I signed it just one more left
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