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Hi, I'm a seventeen year old girl, and have been struggling a lot with emotions. I have anxiety, sometimes depression, and I want to start off fresh. I want to let go of people who have had a negative impact on my life, and become more active, to find a new me. So, I want to start with my bedroom. I want to wake up relaxed and stress free, happy. Which then means, a makeover! What color recommendations to painting my bedroom walls do you all have that can potentially make me happy and help me move on in this new stage in life. I want something new and refreshing,
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guys I'm new add me
I was thinking something nature inspired, but these are all great ideas! :)
i recommend a light sort of ment green. green represents new life. the light color has a light and happy impression. you dont want anything too dark or serious. it may not be a trending color for your bed room bv it will give you that impression that you seek, or at least it did for me. ☺
Daffodil yellow (British paint colour but any nice pale sunshiny yellow will work), with maybe small areas of green. That will do it. Promise. At least as important will be what you have on your walls (beautiful / happy pictures, etc.). Then think about all the people who care enough about you to help you get your room, and you, as they deserve to be.
I would recommend light colors to show happiness and joy. I know you don't know me but I have a sister going through stuff like that and if you ever need to talk to anyone I can help