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Hi, I'm a seventeen year old girl, and have been struggling a lot with emotions. I have anxiety, sometimes depression, and I want to start off fresh. I want to let go of people who have had a negative impact on my life, and become more active, to find a new me. So, I want to start with my bedroom. I want to wake up relaxed and stress free, happy. Which then means, a makeover! What color recommendations to painting my bedroom walls do you all have that can potentially make me happy and help me move on in this new stage in life. I want something new and refreshing,
Aim for your favorite color! Just make sure it's a lighter softer color because the darker the color the smaller and more closed in your room will feel. My old room was a light blue and I loved it til I got paint everywhere lol
i recommend a light sort of ment green. green represents new life. the light color has a light and happy impression. you dont want anything too dark or serious. it may not be a trending color for your bed room bv it will give you that impression that you seek, or at least it did for me. ☺
I think you should go for some gender neutral colours like orange
I'd suggest a light purple or more like an indigo, because it can appear to change colors from different lighting. It's great for when you don't want to just stick with one color. :)
I Think Blue Is A Great Color My Room Is Painted Blue with Added Glow In The Dark Paint & I Love It!!
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