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Well, this will not just include K-Pop, some other genres. BUT ANYWAYS: Here are the 7 Songs that have made my 2015
7. #LUVUHATER - SAN E (산이) // Well, I discovered San E one day while scrolling through the site that I download all my K-Pop. He is a Hip-Hop artist under JYP (?), and his rap is my favorite out of all the solo rappers I've discovered. This song has a lot of swearing, and I don't know, I just enjoy it a lot. It's a good rage song, lol. Check it out whenever you can! \\
6. FOOLS - Troye Sivan // I did say that this list would not just be K-Pop, and here it is! Well, I LOVE TROYE. I have every song he has ever released, and I just love him a lot. Fools, it's a wonderful song. It's quite calming, in my opinion. So yeah, check it out! \\
5. AIRPLANE - iKON // While AIRPLANE is a relatively new song, I listen to it on repeat, CONSTANTLY. Fell asleep to it, wrote fanfiction to it, EVERYTHING. I love this song as well as the album. YG did good, as always! Check it out if you already haven't! \\
4. I NEED U - BTS (방탄소년단) // OH BTS, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Well, I NEED U was the start of my BTS obsession. It was released just a month after I had gotten into BIGBANG and EXO. At the time, I was EXO trash. Then, I watched I NEED U, cried over it, and began the process- which took me 4 months- to become BTS TRASH. I've sold my soul to this band, and I would like to thank I NEED U. \\
3. ROLL DEEP - Hyuna (Feat. Jung IlHoon) // Hyuna, oh Hyuna. Roll Deep is truly a masterpeice and I love it SO MUCH. Listened to it on repeat for two weeks in September, and it still hasn't gotten old. She's such a babe, sobbing. Check it out! \\
2. 뱅뱅뱅 (BANG BANG BANG) - BIGBANG // BIGBANG, my first ever bias group! The reason I am a K-Pop fan! These guys are truly legendary, and they know how to make legendary music, and BANG BANG BANG is one of them! It's such an upbeat song, and it will easily raise your spirits if you are in a shitty mood, lol! \\
1. IF YOU DO (니가 하면) - GOT7 // If you do, if you do! I love this song! Probably will be receiving this album (both versions) this Christmas! I love it so much! Also love the fact that I am able to match vocals with everyone in group (ah, it's fun having a SUPER deep voice) Anyways, I love GOT7 and will continue supporting them until K-Pop is not my thing anymore! \\
WELL, there are the songs that have made my 2015! I will make a post like this around Christmas! I loved doing this! {None of the gifs belong to me, off Google}