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You don't choose your bias, your bias chooses you! As Kpop fans, we all have bias' right? I have a top 6 bias list and then a bunch of bias wreckers lol. And I think I'm not the only one, but don't you have at least one idol bias where there's just a unique interesting story between you and how your bias chose you?

For me, I have one...and its none other than G-Dragon from BigBang! For .most of my bias, the story if how they became my bias is pretty normal, but GD was different..
the first time I looked into GD was when I heard a lot of hype about him being at KCON one year. And at this time the only BigBamg song I knew was Monster. So I looked GD up and I honestly wasn't interested. I think I even looked up a couple songs if his and I was like....eh. (crazy I know right...) Other than a few songs, I didn't really listen to a lot hip hop style of music and rap. And alos at this time Super Junior was basically the only group I listened to with a few others.
Later that year, Good Boy by GD X Taeyang came out. Of course I saw all the hype about the MV so I checked it out. This kind of makes me laugh now, I liked the song but some of GD's parts were my least favorite part of the song. (lol at myself) This is where I don't remember clearly how it happened, but GD grew on me and at the same time I started getting into BigBang a little. I looked up GD's songs & MVs again and I liked them. I watched some live performances and I was really impressed! He owns the stage and is a fantastic performancer! Before I knew it GD became my #2 bias! At this time I only had 2 other bias. G-Dragon's music really started to inspire me and influenced my life in a different way. It's also thanks to GD that I opened up more to rap and hip hop. as far as American music, if the rapping was good and the song overall was good I liked the song, but after getting into GD's music, I developed a whole new appreciation for good rappers! And thanks to GD I discovered BTS and a few other hip hop based artists that absolutely looove <3 I owe a lot to GD when I think about it. His music had a huge influence in my life and I will always be thankful to him for that haha
So my challenge Kpop Vingle Family, is to make a post about one of your bias that you have a unique story with how they became your bias!! I really want to read all your stories so I challenge you to share it on Vingle ^^ Have fun everyone! I know I did and I can't wait to read all your stories! I'll tag a couple people cuz idk how tag a lot of people~ @kpopandkimchi @b1a4bts5ever
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challenge accepted.....(」゚ロ゚)」
@DianaBell yeah and no not really i have my ways
I'll probably do mine later this week too, gotta think. But speaking of, how DO you tag so many people at once? Doesn't it take forever? @B1A4BTS5ever
This is an awesome challenge!!! I'll definitely do this later :)
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