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To be honest, I don't like the person who thought of spelling Jungkook's name J-U-N-G-K-O-O-K because it makes me pronounce it jong-coke xD I wish I had known from the beginning that it was actually pronounced JEONG-KUK but owellzzz! Um.. seriously Jungkook may be just a little too perfect. xD I like him and all but he's just so good at almost everything-- singing, dancing, rapping, looking cute, looking sexy, being Jimin's target-- he's nearly perfect! But I really like his voice now. I used to think it was a little annoying or squeaky-ish but after listening to his cover of "Lost Stars" I finally heard a different side to his voice. He is a precious maknae and I know that BTS is happy to have him; we ARMYs are blessed to know him. Thanks, Jungkook, for being the way you are. ❀❀❀
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