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Do you have this one special person? I hate it, when this special someone, whos name shown on your phone makes you smile, but you aren't special to them. Is that a case with you as well? Or it maybe was? If you feel you can totally relate to this quote, do tell why is that and clip the card to see how many of us are out there.
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I instantly smile when I get a message from my gf. and when she messages me I stop whatever I'm doing to talk to her.
that's so nice @ElijahSmith
yes, there was a guy recently that i blobked because it was stressing me out sense i know that it would never progress into anything. but every time he liked my photos on instagram and sent me a message or posted a pic, i would smile. every time he sent me a kiss, i smiled. he liked me to bv i think it was more of him liking the way i liked him than genuinely liking me. even though he is a nice guy and a good friend. but it just wasnt love. ive been through enough and experienced enough to know that it would never work. after being with a narcissist, you kind of develop a sixth sense. you have to if you want to survive.
well said @MelissaMae I think you did a right thing, and it is very clear you know yourself well and think about yourself which is the most important thing ✋
yeah, i never could have done that before. but now it is so easy for me to disconnect. thats not really a good thing but in that case it was. however, it is sad that he is the only guy that i have felt any feeling at all for sense i was dumped by the narcissist. now, it is as if i were lesbian except i dont like girls either.