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Block B Donations
the GoFundMe account was temporarily down but the link should be working now! All donations please submit them by November 5! Thank you BBCs :) P.S There will also be a giveaway for those who donate. Depending on the amount donated your name will be put in a random generator. Name entry amount: $5 1x $10 5x $20 10x $30 15x (and so on) **1st place Official Block B light stick (Winner will receive the prize in person by me) **Need to first check if there are still any left available before this prize becomes official subject may change** 2nd Place 2014 Block B seasons Greetings (Can ship prize or give it in person) 3rd place (TBA) **Sorry no international shipping** GOFUNDME LINK: http://dt.gofund.me/w8726byc