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hi everyone once again. I'm Jasel. I'm 18 years old and I'm kpop trash. I listen to more khiphop than kpop lmao. I'm into about every group you can imagine. My ultimate bias is Kim Namjoon. I love him with all my heart. Also Amber is my number one female bias. My favorite song right now is Eyes, Nose, Lips // Epik High ft. Taeyang. Ummmm I have a twitter and tweet a lot about kpop so follow if you want (@goodshitNAMJOON) Like I said before I want to make friends but I'm extremely shy and I always think of myself as annoying so please talk to me first haha I stan just about every group so I can talk to anyone about any group! I love you all! Kakao: jaselgalindo kik: galindo_jizzy insta: traplordnamjoon fb: Jasel Galindo
I know I commented on your other card, but I wanted to say that you have awesome taste! NamJoon is one of my biases from BTS!
I listen to more khiphop than I do kpop lately