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So I just read the newest chapter of the Dragon Ball super Manga and man am I excited.
Each universe will provide a team of 5 warriors to duke it out in a series of one on one battles. (It is very similar to Yu Yu Hakusho's own Dark Tournament arc). I'm super excited to see who the participants will be. Maybe we can see some reimagined characters from Universe 6 like Raditz or even Bardock. I'll be happy with totally new characters as well as long as some decent back story is provided.
I have high hopes for this Arc as I think it will really help the anime. The anime suffers from having not the best animation combined with re-telling a story most fans have already seen. With a new story I think it can really start to do well like I know it can. Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think of this arc in the comments and what you'd like to see happen!
I can't wait for the dub to come out I love dbz
@TylerBagley Me too! I also prefer the dubs for DBZ. A lot of the voices in the sub versions are annoying. Lol
I just rectly herd that the same actor has been doing goku voice sense the beginning I think that is super cool BTW love the majin vegeta
Thank you :) And that is pretty cool. Lol