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I've been wanting to make a card about my top anime girl. i been thinking about it for days but i just CAN'T choose one over the other. so.....

Olivier Mira Armstrong 

Who doesn't love a Beautiful severe woman with a fearsome and commanding presence. Harsh with her subordinates and peers and coldly merciless to her enemies. who cares about Elsa, This is my Ice Queen.

Mikami Reiko

She is beautiful and greedy, caring for nothing besides money. Also a total badass.


she is a merciless and loyal servant of the god of the Underworld. She also the head commander of the Hades army. Who doesn't love a girl who commands a whole underworld army.

Tokiko Tsumura

a fairly serious girl, and can barely tolerate the antics of Kazuki and his friends. She becomes irritated easily especially when people ask about her scar or about her relationship with Kazuki. She often threatens those who annoy her with her Valkyrie Skirt.

Fuu Hououji

Fuu is always smiling, but she is actually quite a strategist. She is calm and polite, but blunt: her comments are often right to the point. 

Lazuli a.k.a Android 18

Initially cool and confident, Android 18's sarcastic humor later becomes the most striking trait of her personality. pluse she was able to take down vegeta, as a vegeta fan "RESPECT".

Madoka Kaname

a very kind girl who would try to help anyone the best she could and is also quite timid. plus who doesn't like the cuteness
There are ALOT more, but at this point i dont think I'll be done any time soon. i hope you guys like it and also all this Badass girls.
Yay Mira Armstrong!!!
Where's revy !
@colvitt they definitely belong in my list but i didn't wanted to make an endless list.
I'd like to know where Lucy is, from Elfen Lied, not to be mistaken for Lucy from Fairy Tail, sorry. Also, Erza.
@priscillasdoor yes, she is the definition of epic.
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