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To be honest this ship is one of the more popular ones. Its between Jonghyun and Key of Shinee. Now for me this ship makes perfect sense for me. Like literally I can see them with no one else...well except me of course!!! XD

I can't be the only one who sees this right?? Tell me what you think below ^.^

@KokoroNoTakara I know you do right? (I saw ur card :D)
So I normally don't do shipping, but I actually do believe in this ship. They look real.
@thePinkPrincess Oh hell ya!!! JongKey forever!!! Sorry it took so long to reply...
you should like...I know make a fanfic...or something like that because your are so fucking awesomely detailed an like I dunno tag me in it like in every single one of your fanfic o.o *heavy breathing* lol @princessUnicorn