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It's Here. It's late, so sorry. It's here nonetheless. I've had a rough Weekend, so there will be no storytime from me due to the lack of ambition, but I am excited to see everyone's results! If you are a seasoned Veteran of these, then I will let you loose to complete. If you are just joining, the Welcome. Just screenshot each Gif below to reveal your results. You can either post in comments or make your own card about your results. Credit Goes to @Baekyeol27
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BLOCK B!!! ♡.♡ Crush: Kyung Boyfriend: Jaehyo Secret Admirer: P.O Saves You: Taeil First Kiss: Jaehyo Takes you on a vacation: UKwon Protector: Taeil Jealous one: Jaehyo BFF: BBomb Husband: Zico lol omg... ♡♡♡♡♡
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@SHINeeIngGirl I have to ask! Did you get your bias? C:
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@AimeeH GUUURRRRL..... YESSSS~ ♡♡♡ cX
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@SHINeeIngGirl YAYYYYYYYY! ♡♡♡♡ That's what I love to hear
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