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Expect Anime/Manga reviews. Episode to episode and ending with a altogether review on the whole anime/Manga
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No problem at all. *thumbs up* Always willing to help. Plus I like reading reviews and such, so it's a good thing. :D
@Danse yeah, I like reading reviews as well. Only part I don't like about reviews is that people put what they don't like about that anime. I hate to see people talk stuff about an anime I like. So my reviews will only be positive. I'll give it my honest rating and all, but I won't mention anything I didn't like about an anime
Me too. I don't personally like when people put in a lot of their "personal feelings" on the topic. If I read a review I want more of a neutral and or positive feedback. Every show has it's ups and downs so bashing those things makes it sort of hurt a bit when you're a fan. I think we can all have our own personal likes and dislikes but when you put things down you're stomping on someone else's happy place. It's not that I don't think people should have opinions, they should! But objectively, ya know?
shouldn't have opinions* Ugh, typo bug running wild today.
@Danse yeah exactly. If your a fan of that certain anime/manga, it hurts when someone points out its flaws