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It's day 7 of the Anime Halloween challenge! Remember to check out @hikaymm for the original post and whatnot.
The creepy male character I'm showcasing today is Sugou Nobuyuki from SAO. When this weird mofo came around in the series it was the first time I really hated someone in anime. Like, he kept Asuna trapped in a bird cage. Duh hell? Lol. He's also a grown ass man trying to marry this girl still In school. Tsk tsk
So yeah that's my choice. Tell me what you think and some other creepy characters you know of in the comments or make your own cards! Thanks! Ja ne
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Oh dear lord, I hate this guy. I hate him more than I hate Umbride in Harry Potter, which is saying a lot. I wanted to kill him myself.
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@AnbuRose I know right!
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i would write Sugou's name in my Death Note, but he would be tortured first. Sorry Light, this is mine now.
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@Thatperson512 you're welcome!
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