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Daesung:RUN AWAAAY Seungri: We must slay the dragons!! G-Dragon: I'll never let you harm my brethren . . Lost? Well it all started on We MOBA .... here I think it's better if I just show you what happened
"He's a kind dragon" he says about the dragon trying to kill them lol GD is too cute ♡
Are you team G-Dragon....a protector of the Dragons?
Team Seungri slay all the beast?
or team Daesung, hopping on the #NopeTrain ~(^.^)~
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Team G Dragon
2 years ago·Reply
Team G-Dragon! I hate killing dragons in video games, because I always think they're cute. LoL
2 years ago·Reply
Seungri kill it. lov ya GD!
2 years ago·Reply
Team GD lol he is bae 😍😘😘
2 years ago·Reply
Team GD
2 years ago·Reply